7 day med manager, 7 day pill organizer, Desktop Pill Organizer  – A High Quality Weekly Pill Planner that Stores and Helps You Manage a Week of Meds

High Quality Weekly Pill Planner that Stores and Helps You Manage a Week of Meds, 4 Times-a-Day Dosage Compartments.


Unlike most low cost 7 day pill organizers, our 7 day med manager, desktop pill organizer weekly pill planner will provide you with a long useful life, save you money over time, and help the environment by keeping plastic out of landfills.


The majority of pill reminders have lids with “living hinges” that crack and break off after a short amount of use. The lids on our weekly pill organizer are separate parts that connect with durable ball and socket hinge features. Large embossed lettering, molded directly into this weekly pill planner indicates day and dosage times, and will last years of hand washing. No risk of printed ink “flaking” or wearing off - typical of low quality pill boxes.


Filling the compartments of this desktop pill organizer is quick and easy with lids that swing open fully and stay out of your way. With lower cost pill planners, the lids don’t fasten securely. The lids on our 7 day pill organizer have a positive closure and reliably stay shut. Feel confident taking them on the go - in your purse or pack - as they are less likely to accidentally spill open. Stored in our covered canister, meds and vitamins will stay fresher longer with less exposure to air and humidity.


We care about your health and the safety of our materials. The containers used in our desktop pill organizer are produced in food grade polypropylene, free from BPA and phthalates. All materials in our weekly pill organizer are lead-free - certified and tested by an independent lab.