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A National Epidemic: Rx Drug Abuse

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Pill Pod Drug Lock Box

Our country is in the midst of an opioid epidemic. Heroin addiction often initiates first by misuse and abuse of prescription drugs.

These Rx drugs are in almost all of our medicine cabinets. Although they should be disposed of – in a proper environmentally sound way, they often may sit for a long time.

Almost no one takes count of or keeps track of what is there.

It takes no time or effort for teens, or other casual visitors to your home, to reach into your medicine cabinet and steal some of your left over meds.

This could be an adult family member, grandkids, contractors, housekeepers, home health aids, or people visiting an open home for sale.

Pill Pod provides an affordable solution to allow families to secure medications at home – whether you are a prescribed patient or are just storing them.

This is not only important to help prevent abuse, but also for child safety / preventing accidental poisonings.

With recent changes in drug laws regarding marijuana (whether you agree or disagree), the fact is that more cannabis products are ending up in homes with children.

There are many “edibles” – cookies, candies, etc. that children are getting into and ending up in the ER.

Since the laws were changed in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Poison Prevention Center has reported a large spike in accidental poisonings.

Pill Pod drug lock box is all about an “ounce of prevention” vs “a pound of cure.”

It is a simple to use deterrent that is meant to help prevent a problem from initiating.

It obviously does not take the place of a high security floor mounted steel safe and is not intended for use where an addiction problem may already exist.

We encourage you to visit the Pill Pod website and to take responsible action to help prevent drug abuse by securing your medications.



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